Tags are used to determine how different creatures behave.

Tags for Creatures in the Current Version (0.1)Edit

  • expert: Does non-menial jobs
  • needsNutrition: Eats and drinks
  • needsSleep: Must sleep from time to time.
  • generateName: Has a name generated from the names.dat text file
  • name: Name of the entity type
  • speed: Determines how fast the creature moves
  • color: RGB value of the entity's colour.
  • graphic: Letter to use when displaying the entity
  • health: HP of the entity
  • AI how the entity acts. So far there is:
    • PlayerNPC: One of your goblins or orcs
    • PeacefulAnimal: The snails that don't attack
    • HungryAnimal: The roving bands of wolves that look for your food to steal and will fight
    • HostileAnimal: Something that wants to fight
  • attackSkill: How good the entity is at fighting (diceroll)
  • attackPower: How much damage the entity can do (in diceroll format)
  • defenceSkill: Diceroll that either negates some damage or lowers chance to hit, I haven't looked at the source yet.
  • spawnAsGroup: Diceroll to determine how many show up on map at once

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