Download and InstallEdit


  • Right-click to access and exit the menu, and choose your actions from there.
  • Middle-click moves back one level.
  • Press the 'h' key down (and keep it pressed down) to see keyboard help text. Basically there are keyboard shortcuts for most of the menus, and you can use the numbers 0-9 to choose a menu item.
  • The numberpad can be used for movement, press shift to move in larger increments. The numberpad enter key is equivalent to a left-click, Esc exits from menus.
  • Shift can also be pressed down in the Stock Manager screen to adjust the minimums in larger increments.
  • Also, the Stock Manager has a text input field, you can just start typing and it will filter the results based on your input.

How to PlayEdit

It is highly suggested that you watch this video on Youtube in order to understand how the Goblin Camp UI works.

To start off, order a few trees cut down by right clicking, then selecting 'Orders', then 'Fell trees' (or 'o', '1'). Click anywhere, then move the cursor so the selection box is covering some trees, and then click again. Then, make a large stockpile. Later you can customize what you want in each stockpile, but for now, leave everything enabled. Your goblins should cut down the trees you selected and bring the resulting logs to your stockpile.

At this point, you can build a carpenter shop, a bakery, and a brewery. These will produce many other useful goods for your orcs and goblins to use. It is reccomended that you build close to the river so that thirsty orcs and goblins can get a drink and water quickly.

Keep an eye on your alerts in the bottom left of the screen. Should you see red text warning you of albino rats or starving wolves, it is important to immediately create a military squad and have them guard the area where the intruders will be approaching. One orc is more than a match for a single wolf, but beware: wolves rarely appear alone.

Building a farm at some point will allow your goblins to plant seeds, which will take 6 months to grow into berries starting from Spring. Large farms will be more efficient when the berry bush supplies on the map run out.

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